Camping In The Badlands In The Western US

Camping In The Badlands

The Badlands National Park could be your destination for camping this year. Located in South Dakota, this camping area in the western part of the country might have the tough climate, but will surely give you a dose of wilderness and a way to get back to fitness amidst an arid landscape. The region is characterized by short and tall grass prairie region. The rock formations are distinct and beautiful in this area.

This area is characterized by fossil accumulations that are known to be unique in North America. You will get a glimpse into an area that housed some of the ancient ecosystems of the country. The park makes the ideal spot for stargazing and there is an astronomy festival held here in the beginning of August. The park has two campgrounds. Sage Creek is known to be a primitive one where there is no provision of water as well. Cedar Pass, on the other hand, has provisions like electricity and running water for campers. You need not take up permits to hike in the backcountry region but registration is required. The campgrounds and park are open through the year.

The charge per vehicle is $15 which gives you a period of stay of seven days. You could also avail of national and annual passes. The campsites at Cedar Pass charge for electrical and water provisions. For more information, you can look up the official site for the national park. It would surely give you a wonderful chance to check out a unique landscape. This can be a great learning experience for your kids as well. Choosing the right spot for camping and careful planning for provisions will help you enjoy a delightful and comfortable trip to this region.