Camping Site Welsummer In Kent

Welsummer in Kent is one of the family friendly camping sites you will love to experience. Many people often want a woody feeling that farmlands often do not suffice when it comes to a camping experience. However, Welsummer is sure to give you a site that offers you a mix of open fields as well as woodlands.

The site seems to comprise of flat camping fields at first, but a beech tree and a gate below it led to a dense and dark wood where six pitches are provided. The owners, Med and Laura love to share the experience of camping here as Laura did in her childhood. Hence, the woods come surrounded with pleasures of a farm life like bees buzzing around hives, chickens roaming free as well as a miniature orchard with apples grown. The Wendy’s house here offers a cozy den that comprises of a bed, chairs and table and a tiny hut where you can stay dry and warm. There are bell tents also on the premises that help accommodate small groups of glimpses as well.

Camping Site Welsummer In Kent

The pitches that are on offer here are grassy pitches as well as units in the woodland. There is bell tents that are pre-erected as well as the Wendy house unit. Pitchers usually have a fire pit along with male and female bathrooms fitted with toilets and showers. There is a shop where you can shop for basic groceries and necessities as well as camping sites. You can also find hot drinks and snacks on offer all day. Kids will love exploring the place and find new places to hide. Fireside signing and acoustic instruments are encouraged through the use of radio or electronics in loudness measures are frowned upon.

The campground is perfect for little ones. Children can explore the woods here and indulge in finding eggs, dens, and tree for climbing. Hence, this camping site is ideal for families.

The damages are not unreasonable and if you are backpacking here or looking at tent pitches, the prices are quite reasonable; even for the glimpsing options. One can get their pets along to this pet-friendly camping site. There are a pub and eatery close by where you will love to stop by as well. On the whole, it is a campsite that is easy to access and without formidable woodlands or highlands to maneuver; it is a safe and perfect location for a family holiday.

As per the owners of Welsummer, they have helped many young couples, older ones and families find camping adventures here that have been happy and peaceful. Here one can spend peaceful afternoons seated under a beech tree where they can hear, see and smell sights and sounds of nature. There is dancing around the fire, drums and kite festivals that are impromptu. Campers are asked to respect the environment and maintain equilibrium in the environment. That will help the campsite to be maintained for the enjoyment of others.