UK Campsites That Allow Campfires And How To Make Them

Most of us have the idyllic camping visions that involve a campfire around which you would sit and toast marshmallows or simply share stories across the fire. It might be a magical vision, but nowadays, for the safety of camping grounds or forest areas that can catch fire, many forest authorities and camping ground personnel make rules that prohibit making of fire. Even if it is allowed, there are certain restrictions that need to be followed with respect to firewood as well as where they can make a fire.

Making a fire is not only enlightening, but fun as well and so is cooking or simply sitting by the fire. If one employs some sense in making the fire in the right place and keeps certain safety measures in mind, they can enjoy the magic of a campfire and the environment it creates without putting the environment at risk or their safety.

There are many campsites in the UK as well as the US where campfires are allowed. They will also have the necessary infrastructure and equipment to help campers get the blaze going, even if they are new to the task. There are certain points to remember, however:

  •         Remember that the location where you wish to make a fire should be chosen wisely. This should not be close to overhanging branches or where there is dry undergrowth.
  •         You should make a campfire where the earth is firm and bare or in pits, braziers that are already provided in a camp site.
  •         Use firelighters and kindling material like a newspaper or dry leaves. Even sheep’s wool is used as tinder which will help you start a small fire.
  •         Once you start a fire you need to ensure that you put it out completely. Do not leave it in a smoldering state. Once it dies down, rake it and then pour water on it. You can also shovel some earth on top.

Here are some campsites in the UK that allow campfire

  •         Dig Eddie Wildlife Camping

This is a wildlife camping retreat by a riverside. Here campfires are encouraged and the surplus stock of the farm is provided as well.

  •         Denmark Farm

This is a popular camping ground and here braziers are provided along with wild grass that helps in easy making of campfires. Cooking food on campfires are also encouraged.

  •         Fox Wood Camping

This is a popular camping site that also encourages campfires.

  •         Pleasant Streams Farm

This farm in Cornwall is a 50 pitch site for camping with natural settings. Here the crackle of firewood can be heard often as well as toasting of marshmallows, which are available in the village shop nearby.

  •         Kestrel Lodge Camping

This camping ground in the Lake District offers families logs, bags that come with firelighters and kindling material.

  •         Hole Station

This place in Devon offers firewood that is gathered from the trees on the site. Here firelighters and kindling are bundled together along with logs that are hand chopped. These form handy kits that are made available every evening.